The Premiere Dance Company is Premiere’s competitive dance track. This program is tailored to intermediate & advanced dancers looking to continuously advance their skills through year-round training in all genres. The Company program gives dancers the opportunity to be a part of a team that prioritizes fostering a healthy competitive atmosphere, learning the importance of self-discipline & hard work, and building lasting friendships. The Premiere Dance Company requires an audition process.








  • Ages 3-5: 9:00-11:30a 
  • Ages 6-9: 12:00-4:00p 
  • Ages 10+: 12:00-4:00p
  • Mandatory Parent Meeting 4:00-5:00p  


  • Ages 3-5: 10:00-11:45a
  • Ages 6-9: 12:00-2:45p 
  • Ages 10+: 3:00-5:45p 
  • Audition results will be sent by 6/21. 

Register for Company Intensive & Company Auditions Below. 

Interested in learning more about the Company Program at Premiere? Email our Company Director – Amanda ( 


Who is eligible for the Company Program? Any dancer age 4+ may attend the Company auditions. Students are recommended to take a minimum of ballet & jazz technique classes the season before auditioning. Outside students are also welcome to attend auditions. All students wishing to attend auditions must also register for the Company Intensive (June 2024). 

When are Company Auditions? Company auditions are held in June of each year in conjunction with our Company Intensive (students must register for the Company Intensive to attend auditions).

What are the requirements for Company? Our Company dancers attend class + rehearsals across multiple days each week. Each level has a different set of weekly class & rehearsal requirements. Most levels take ballet, jazz, tap, acro, combo, and conditioning classes each week.  

Company students are also required to enroll in our summer programming. 

How many conventions & competitions do you attend each season? The Company team attends 4-5 competitions & 1-2 conventions / season. Competitions typically take place between February & May. Conventions typically take place throughout the season starting as early as November. 

What is the cost to participate in the Company program? This is dependent on the level & number of routines the dancer is participating in. Please email “” to inquire about specific pricing. 

My daughter has been a member of the Premiere Company for almost two years. She started as a shy and quiet 1st grader. Now, still very sweet, she has come out of her shell and is very much a leader in school and at dance. She is learning how important dedication and hard work is in life. She is learning what it takes to achieve her goals. The Company team has become a second family and the studio, a second home for her. All the staff know her by name and the Company teachers have become huge role models in her life. Two female CEOs and Company teachers who are well-educated, incredibly skilled and always encouraging. There are no better role models. I know she is loved and well taken care of at all times. Lastly, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the program grow for the last two years. The choreography and technique is on point. Amanda and Aunica are always looking for the next opportunity to keep taking their dancers to the next level. All while teaching their dancers to be humble and graceful, as they are a lead competitor in the area.

Jennifer G.
Dancer's Age: 8

Cora has been dancing at premiere for 5 years now. Her love for dance continues to grow every year. She became eager for more of a challenge and opportunity to perform.
She loved watching the company team and aspired to be a part of it. We wondered if the time commitment was too much for her. We didn’t want her to get burnt out and loose the joy dance brought her.
Fast forward, joining the company team has met all her expectations and so much more. She has never been more excited to go to dance every week and loves how fast paced the program is.

The instructors bring all the fun energy each and every week. They are dedicated and strive to maximize each dancers potential.These dancers work hard, week after week. It’s so fun to witness how proud they are of themselves. The rate of growth and skill set already this year has been such an accomplishment for her. The team bonding and strong friendships that have formed are such a special part of it all. They cheer each other on and support each other every step of the way. It’s truly inspiring. The values Premiere instills in these girls goes beyond dance. I didn’t think she could love dance more, and the company team has shown her it’s possible. She is so excited to continue to learn and challenge herself. Most of all, share the stage and passion with her friends.

Lindsay M.
Dancer's Age: 7