18 Months - 7 Years

At Premiere there are five introductory level dance classes. These classes are structured to meet the needs of children at every developmental stage of growth. Each class provides students with the opportunity to explore movement in a nurturing and positive environment.

Mommy & Me

18 Months - 2 Years

Mommy & Me is a great class for children who are not quite ready to be in the classroom alone. Through simple motor skills and creative movement, this 30 minute class encourages students to become more comfortable in a dance class setting while nurturing the parent-child relationship. $45 / month

Creative Concepts

2-3 Years

Creative Concepts is a 30 minute class for children around 2 years old. This class promotes locomotion and imagination through song and dance while teaching the basics of classroom behavior. Students enrolled in Creative Concepts are also eligible for Tumble Tots. $45 / month

Discover Dance

3-4 Years

Discover Dance is geared towards preschool-aged children. In this 45 minute class, dancers will learn the fundamentals of ballet and tap. Dancers focus on developing coordination and rhythm all while making new friends. Discover Dance is also eligible to register for Introductory Acro, Introductory Hip Hop, and Introductory Skills.  $55 / month


4-5 Years

KinderCombo builds on the knowledge gained from Discover Dance. In these 60 minutes, dancers dive deeper in ballet terminology and tap steps. Children develop self-confidence while they learn musicality and spatial awareness. KinderCombo is also eligible to register for Introductory Acro, Introductory Hip Hop, and Introductory Skills. $65 / month

Introductory Acro

3+ Years

Acro teaches floor and aerial movements through conditioning exercises and rhythmic tumbling passes. This class helps students develop flexibility, balance, and body control while improving agility and strength. This class is geared toward dancers in the Introductory Curriculum.  $55 / month

Intermediate Progression

6-7 Years

Intermediate Progression is a class that prepares dancers for the core curriculum. This class continues to build the fundamentals of ballet and tap while introducing jazz technique to dancers. Intermediate Progression is eligible for Hip Hop I, Beginner Acro, and Skills I / II. $70 / month 

Tumble Tots

2-3 Years

Tumble Tots is a 30 minute class for children ages 2-3. This class is a great supplement to our Creative Concepts class. Tumble Tots helps students develop basic flexibility, balance, and body control while building strength. $45 / month

Introductory Hip Hop

3+ Years

Hip Hop is a commercialized style influenced by jazz and street dance. Hip Hop exhibits strong, sharp movement and incorporates floor work and fast footwork. This class is geared toward dancers in the Introductory Curriculum. $45 / month

Introductory Skills

3+ Years

Skills is an extension of ballet and jazz technique that will be used to improve turns, leaps, and tricks. This 30 minute class is geared toward the dancer looking to take his or her training to the next level. $45 / month

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