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Foundational Classes

Ages 8+
Premiere’s Foundational Classes are skill-based to ensure that each dancer progresses at a pace that is beneficial to his or her growth. In order to determine an appropriate level for your dancer please contact the studio. Teachers reserve the right to place dancers as necessary.
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Class Information

Learn one of dance’s most respected disciplines.

Level I-IV
Ballet is a classical dance discipline that emphasizes flexibility, skeletal alignment, posture, strength, and artistry.
During class, dancers will learn proper ballet technique and basic dance principles necessary for all other dance forms.
60 min / $75 per month


This structured class focuses on teaching tap technique while developing rhythm and timing.
Dancers will be taught basic steps and vocabulary that will later be combined into more complex combinations or routines.
Ballet is required.
Tap I – II / 30 min / $55 per month
Tap III – IV / 45 min / $65 per month


Level I-IV
This is a high-energy class that focuses on isolations, skills, and performance quality through classical and modern jazz technique.
Dancers will be encouraged to use individual expression and develop their self-confidence.
Ballet is required.
Jazz I-II / 45 min / $65 per month
Jazz III-IV / 60 min / $75 per month


Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
Acro teaches floor and aerial movements through conditioning exercises and rhythmic tumbling passes.
This class helps students develop flexibility, balance, and body control while improving agility and strength.
Ballet is not required.
​Beginner / 45 min / $65 per month
Intermediate & Advanced / 60 min / $75 per month


Level I-II
Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz technique. This style focuses on expressing the lyrics of a song through movement.
Ballet is required.
30 min / $55 per month


Level III-IV
Contemporary is a fusion of modern, jazz, lyrical, and ballet.
Contemporary stresses an importance on the dynamics of music and movement through expressive choreography.
Ballet is required.
45 min / $65 per month


By Invite Only
Pointe work begins when dancers with strong ballet technique have developed adequate ankle and foot strength as well as correct posture, placement, and alignment.
Students may take this class by invite only.
30 min / $55 per month


This class is designed for the dancer who would like to pursue being en pointe.
Dancers will focus on Ballet technique, fundamentals, ankle/foot strengthening & proper training to prepare the body for pointe shoes.
30 min / $55 per month

Musical Theatre

Level I-II
Musical Theatre is a jazz-based class that focuses on dance styles found in Broadway musicals.
Students not only learn dance technique, but also work on acting skills and performing with emotion and stage presence.
45 min / $65 per month

Hip Hop

Level I-IV
Hip Hop is a commercialized style influenced by jazz and street dance. Hip Hop exhibits strong, sharp movement and incorporates floor work and fast footwork.
Ballet is not required.
Hip Hop I & II / 30 min / $55 per month
Hip Hop III & IV / 45 min / $65 per month
Boys Hip Hop / 30 min / $55 per month

Private Lessons

All Levels
Upon request dancers may schedule private lessons for improvement in any genre of dance or to achieve a specific goal or skill.
30 min / $30 per session


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