How long is each season? 

Our Fall - Spring season runs from September through mid-June. Our Summer season runs from mid-June through August. 

How many times per week does each class meet? 

Each class during our Fall - Spring season meets once per week. Summer classes vary.

What is the dress code and where can I buy the appropriate attire? 

Our dress code can be found here. You can purchase all of the required attire at Elite Dance Outfitters in Clive or Mark's Dancewear in Johnston. 

Can my dancer make up a class if he or she is sick? 

Unfortunately, we only allow make up classes if classes are missed due to weather / emergency cancellations. 


When is recital?  

Our recital is held in mid-June at the end of the Fall - Spring season. You can find more information on our current recital here

How many dances / costumes will my dancer have?  

The number of classes depends on enrollment. Below is a breakdown of the number of dances & costumes / class: 

Introductory Classes - 

  • Creative Concepts - 1 Dance / 1 Costume ​​

  • Discover Dance - 2 Dances / 1 Costume

  • KinderCombo - 2 Dances / 1 Costume

  • Intermediate Progression - 2 Dances / 1 Costumes

  • Tumble Tots - 1 Dance / 1 Costume

  • Introductory Acro - 1 Dance / 1 Costume

  • Introductory Hip Hop - 1 Dance / 1 Costume

Mommy & Me and Introductory Skills do not perform in the recital. 

Core Classes | Level I-IV - 

  • Tap - 1 Dance / 1 Costume

  • Jazz - 1 Dance / 1 Costume

  • Lyrical - 1 Dance / 1 Costume

  • Acro - 1 Dance / 1 Costume

  • Contemporary - 1 Dance / 1 Costume

  • Hip Hop - 1 Dance / 1 Costume

  • Musical Theatre - 1 Dance / 1 Costume

Ballet, Skills, and Condition & Strength do not perform in the recital.

Does my dancer have to participate in the recital?  

We strongly encourage all dancers to participate in the recital, however we understand that this is not always possible. If your dancer will not be participating in recital, we ask that we are notified via email by October 1st.  


How do I pay for tuition?  

During our Fall - Spring season we require all families to pay for tuition via Auto-Pay in the Parent Portal. All tuition installments come out automatically on the first of the month. There is a 2.60% convenience fee applied to your tuition for this service. Additional fees must be paid separately and will not be automatically withdrawn. Auto-pay is required unless a family chooses to pay yearly or semesterly via check.

What fees will I need to pay in addition to tuition?  

Our summer season has no extra fees. During our Fall - Spring season students will need to pay a registration fee when enrolling in classes. In addition, students participating in the recital will owe a recital fee and costume fee. The costume fee is based on the number of costumes the student will need for the recital. You can find our current fees here 

Is there a discount for multiple classes?  

We do not offer a discount for multiple classes, however we do have a tuition cap. Our current tuition cap can be found here

What happens if my student chooses to withdraw from classes during the Fall - Spring season?  

Students who wish to withdraw after September 30th, must notify us via email. In addition, 25% of the remaining yearly tuition balance will be due before automatic tuition installments will cease. 

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